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Home Inspection Checklist

in San Antonio, Texas

People in San Antonio ask me where I start on my Home inspection checklist, when I'm doing a Home Inspection. I always start my Home inspection checklist with the knowledge of knowing the house is built in Texas where there is a lack of proper supervision, legislation and civil penalties for shoddy building practices. I know, with considerable certainty, that the house will have many deficiencies whether the house is new, slightly used or 100 years old. I start inspecting a specific home before exiting my vehicle. In many homes, dozens of deficiencies can be ascertained even before I exit the vehicle.

Can a small drip turn into a major financial loss?

Of the hundreds, if not thousands, of components on a Home inspection checklist that comprise a house, based on over 8,000 homes I professionally inspected in San Antonio and the surrounding areas, these are some of the issues and deficiencies I commonly inspect for:

I use the TREC Standards of Practice as a baseline for the typical Home Inspection. As a consumer, you are advised to visit the Texas Real Estate Commission's website to understand what an Inspector's obligations are when you hire a particular Home Inspector.

Here is a partial, hybrid Home inspection checklist of issues required to be inspected for by TREC and those items I often encounter:

Home inspection checklist for the Site:

Are the streets leading to the house deteriorated and noticeably unlevel?

Is there proper drainage around the house?

If there is improper drainage, will it be difficult to correct?

Are there trees and bushes too close to the house?

Does the air conditioning condensate line drain too close to the house?

Is there a properly designed rain gutter system that correctly routes the water away from the house?

Is the lot a 'cut & fill' style lot?

Is there a yard sprinkler system?

Are there dark green or wet spots in the yard?

Is there soil erosion next to the house?

Has the driveway broken or separated from the house?

Home inspection checklist for the Attic:

Is there proper access to the various attic sections?

Are there indications of a rodent infestation?

Has the framing been incorrectly designed or modified?

Is there adequate insulation?

Are there signs of water intrusion?

Is the HVAC ductwork properly supported and sealed?

Is the plumbing in the attic? If so, is it properly insulated?

Is there proper and safe access to the mechanical devices?

Is the electrical wiring damaged or improperly routed?

Is there daylight streaming into the attic where there shouldn't be?

Home inspection checklist for the home's Doors:

Are doors adequately weather-stripped?

Do the exterior doors fit properly when closed?

Are the doors weather and fire rated for their location?

Do the necessary doors swing, fit, latch and lock properly?

Are the exterior doors and casings water damaged?

Home inspection checklist for Electrical Components:

Are fuses or breakers labeled?

Are the refrigerator, microwave oven, dishwasher, clothes washer, or large appliances on individual circuits?

Is there the required number of outlets in every room?

Do all accessible receptacles and switches work?

Does the house have a fuse box or breaker box?

Has obsolete wiring been removed, or replaced?

Is the service at least 100 amps?

Is the wiring Romex, BX cable, or knob & tube?

Is there 220 service for the electric range, oven, air conditioners, and the

clothes dryer?

Is the wiring sized properly for the fuse or breaker in use on that circuit?

Is there ground fault (GFCI) protection in appropriate locations?

Is there Arc-Fault (AFCI) protection in appropriate locations?

Are there switches, outlets and fixtures that are loose?

Home inspection checklist for Energy efficiency:

Do the exterior doors seal properly?

Is there adequate visible insulation?

Is the ductwork intact?

Is there adequate insulation?

Are the water lines in the attic insulated?

Is the HVAC system clean?

Do the windows close properly?

Does the dryer duct terminate properly?


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Home inspection checklist for the Exterior walls:

Are clapboards, tiles, panels or shingles loose or deteriorated?

Are walls adequately plumb and linear?

Do doors and windows fit squarely?

Does the house need painting and caulked?

Is masonry cracked, missing, or deteriorating?

Is there water damage, decay or rot to siding and trim?

Is there foliage growth too close to, or attached to the house?

Is there improper moisture retention?

Are the walls designed to allow moisture to escape?

Are the walls constructed properly? A common problem in wall construction is brick that wobbles when pushed upon.

Home inspection checklist for Fireplaces and chimneys:

Does the fireplace exhibit signs of improper drafting?

Is there proper clearance to combustibles?

Is the chimney height and location proper?

Is there excess creosote buildup?

Is there a gas valve access door?

Does the flue damper operated properly?

With gas logs, is there a damper 'stop'?

Is there a spark arrestor and rain cap in place?

Is there a log grate, spark-screen and hearth extension?

Are there cracked and broken firebricks?

Is there missing firebrick mortar?

Home inspection checklist for Flashing, gutters, and downspouts:

Are downspouts connected to underground drains or splash blocks?

Are downspouts loose, damaged, or missing?

Are gutters drained correctly, clean, and rust-free?

Is rusting, missing parts, or asphalt patches evident on any valleys or flashing?

Do gutter connections leak?

Home inspection checklist for Foundation and Basements:

Are there 'stress indicators' that indicate an improperly performing or failed foundation?

Are there any signs of sagging floors, bowed, or rotten support posts, or

temporary supports to hold up weak floors?

Are there water stains or damage on walls that indicate flooding issues?

Do supply and waste pipes appear in good condition?

Does the basement smell musty?

Does the earth/grade slope away from the foundation?

Is foundation mortar soft, crumbling, cracked, or missing?

Is there adequate ventilation?

Is there efflorescence on the foundation wall?

Your Home inspection list goes on...

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