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Learning how to choose, and who to purchase a Home inspection from, and the items to look for when getting a Home Inspection in San Antonio is of utmost importance. The acquisition of a home, for most people, is the single biggest financial investment they will ever accomplish. Ensure your dream home doesn't turn into a costly time consuming nightmare. Make your first step with a quality home inspection that will let you identify the condition of the property before you purchase.

Does your home inspector check all of the essentials?

Is the seller hiding defects in this house?

A home inspection often reveals the ‘state of affairs’ of a house that can spell expensive repairs and replacement of major systems. The biggest reason many people get a home inspection is for avoiding costly surprises and for ‘peace of mind’. Don't be a victim of an ‘unprincipled’ real-estate agent or a ‘disreputable’ builder that only looks after their own agenda. Do your homework, research the local inspection industry, and make your choice of inspector YOUR CHOICE.

An inspection of a house is conducted by what is often called a third party inspector; it is a non-invasive scrutiny of the condition of a home. Most often, an inspection is performed in connection with the sale of home. Inspections are sometimes ordered by a seller, lending institution, or relocation company.

Property inspections should be conducted by a home inspector whose education, certifications, licensing and experience to perform the home inspection will adequately educate and inform their client.

The inspector presents his findings to his client, and prepares a written report, often utilizing sophisticated home inspection report writing software, and allows the client the opportunity for a period of follow-up questions.

The home inspector identifies the deficiencies of the home present at the time of inspection but doesn't guarantee future condition, readiness, or life expectancy of the home’s systems or components. The client uses the knowledge gained in the report to make educated conclusions and subsequent decisions for their potential real estate purchase.

An inspector will determine the condition of the home’s foundation, basement or crawlspace, electrical system, air conditioning and heating system, plumbing, roof systems, framing structure, water heater, most appliances and various other systems. Experienced home inspectors are searching for incorrect building practices, those issues that require considerable cost to repair, various items that are the result of a lack of maintenance, in addition to various fire and safety issues.

An almost universal list of exclusions in any home inspection include, but are not limited to: boundaries, buried piping, cisterns, zoning violations, conditions of title, easements or right of way, noise interference, permit research, property measurements or surveys, proximity to environmental hazards, soil or geological conditions, underground sewer lines, underground water tanks, off-site waste disposal systems, water quality, well water capacity, to name a few. If you desire information on these items, systems and issues, prepare well by hiring experts that specialize in these areas.

A list of inspection minimum standards and exclusions for home inspections can be found at the Texas Real Estate Commission website. For those that are interested in standards utilized in states other than Texas, visit the NAHI, ASHI or InterNACHI Internet sites.

Home inspectors are occasionally grouped in with and confused with real estate appraisers. A home inspection determines the condition of a home; an appraisal determines the monetary value of the property.

Your home cannot pass or fail its inspection, as there isn’t a passing score or a failing grade. A professional home inspection is an assessment of the current condition of a home. It isn’t an appraisal. It also is not a municipal inspection, which verifies local building code compliance, or any permits needed in the past for any improvements on the property. A home inspector, as a result, will not fail or pass your Home. The Texas Home Inspector will describe its current physical condition by listing deficiencies, by specifying what items have defects and, in some cases, what systems may need maintenance, major repairs, or even full replacement.

In Texas, home inspectors are required to be licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission, also known as TREC.

Typical requirements for obtaining a license in Texas are to complete an approved training course and to pass an examination by the state's licensing board. Texas also requires their home inspectors periodically obtain continuing education credits in order to renew their licenses. However, there is no substitute for experience. There is no substitute for a home inspector with many years of experience inspecting pre-owned homes and the analysis of multiple builder’s tendencies and shortcomings.

Additional services for Texas homeowners obtaining a home inspection in San Antonio are wood destroying insect (WDI) inspections, septic system inspections, water-well/water water quality inspections, Radon testing, yard sprinkler systems, hot tubs, lead based paint inspections, etc. Not all Home Inspectors in San Antonio and the surrounding areas are licensed or certified to conduct these additional inspections and services.

Home Inspection in San Antonio can perform all of these additional services for our clients or arrange for experts in each discipline to assist in the home buying education process. In addition, inspector Mark Eberwine has a 20+ year track record of inspecting commercial buildings and apartment complexes.


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Home inspection in San Antonio has been trained in the unique discipline of home inspection.

Mark Eberwine is a TREC advanced home inspector in San Antonio and has been professionally trained and has inspected over 8,000 Texan homes (more than 40,000+ hours) in Bergheim Texas, Boerne Texas, Bulverde Texas, Castroville Texas, Floresville Texas, Marion Texas, New Braunfels Texas, Seguin Texas and all of San Antonio. In addition, he has been asked to inspect homes in Austin Texas, Wimberly Texas, Horseshoe Bay Texas, and Corpus Christi, Texas.

TREC License # 00-1882 by the Texas Real Estate Commission as an "Inspector" and a SPCS License # 33964T, active Texas Department of Agriculture "Structural Pesticide Control" license (download a .csv file, opens in Excel or OpenOffice).

Typical requirements for obtaining a license in Texas are to complete an approved training course and to pass an examination by the state's licensing board. Texas also requires their home inspectors to periodically obtain continuing education credits in order to renew their licenses. There is no substitute for years in service and observation of different builders styles as a home inspector.

Extra services for Texas homeowners getting a home inspection in San Antonio are uncovering fire ant infestations, uncovering WDI wood destroying insects and perform termite inspection and treatment.

Home inspection in San Antonio has an EPA listing for Radon Measurement Proficiency radon testing, septic inspections, water quality, mold & private well inspections are apart of my home inspector's additional services.

Mr. Eberwine is able to provide a knowledgeable, detailed inspection of any type of property within the scope of home buyer or sellers requirements written in plain English.

Mark Eberwine is a TREC Licensed Professional Inspector; he is the past President of the San Antonio Real Estate Inspectors Association, current President Elect (2011) of the Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors (TAREI), he is designated as an “Advanced Inspector”, and former vice president of TAREI’s Regulatory Legislative Affairs.

In addition, Mark was previously the “Consumer Protection Advocate” on the TRCC Texas Residential Construction Commission warranty performance standards committee and has also worked with “Texas Watch” working to improve consumer and insurance protections for Texas families and the “Consumers Union”. Among his accomplishments, Mark has contributed to successful Texas legislation reform, and is called in as an “expert witness” in construction defects litigation cases. Mark is also a fixed-wing and helicopter pilot and an inventor with several patents.

Mark Eberwine’s home inspection services in San Antonio is fully licensed, certified, bonded and insured with only one goal in mind “A well-informed Client”. Book your “Professional” Home Inspection in San Antonio, get started now!

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